Nationwidejunkcars.com Nationwide Junk Cars is a Five Star rated Company, that has many years of experience in the services and processing, which are required, when working in the Junk Car Business. We are highly efficient in our manner of operations, and respond to any request as quick as possible. At Nationwide junk Cars we strive to give the customer the best possible service in a professional and timely manner, and make sure that they become a happy, and satisfied customer, smiling all the way to the Bank. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we are here for you : any time, any day 24/7 at your convenience. When it comes to dealing with the disposal of your unwanted or wrecked vehicle, there is no better Company to call than Nationwide Junk Cars, we will make sure that you are on the spot, and at the highest possible price towards your vehicles value. Nationwide Junk Cars is one of the largest Junk Car processors in the Nation with a proven track record of professional conduct, and a large group of highly satisfied customers, who will definetely recommend us to others, and call us again, if they need to junk a vehicle in the future. Our mission statement is to provide efficient, and professional service, anywhere, any place as needed, and we will make sure everything involved with junking your vehicle such as disposal and recycling, paperwork, Title sign off, DMV notice etc ... will be taken care of in a swift and proper manner.

What we do for the environment

Every junk car wrecked and sitting somewhere, pollutes our earth, and it's environment. And by recycling it, we help keep our environment healthier, cleaner, and safer, by protecting it from the harmful spills and leaks, caused by these health hazzards and eyesores in someones garage, or backyard. Together with rust residuals, these oil spills are absorbed by the ground, and eventually will run through our rivers and streams, also reaching our drinking water. At Nationwide junk cars we do our part in protecting our environment, in a responsible, and proper manner. Call Nationwide junk cars today, if you need to get rid of a wrecked or junk vehicle, we provide swift and efficient towing, free of charge, and pay you the highest possible price towards the value of your vehicle. Let us be responsible citizens, and do our part in keeping the environment clean, which is of great benefit to our generations to come .